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Gympie Tank Cleaning not only clean water tanks we also inspect, repair and supply and fit
liners when required, we can also store water whilst repairing your tank.

This applies to all types of water tanks: concrete, tin, corrugated, galvanised, block, fibreglass, poly etc

Does your Tank need Cleaning?

Take a clean glass and fill it with water from your tank.  

Are there bits floating around in the water, does the water smell and what does it taste like?
Dead animals, animal droppings and leaves are just a few of the things that can form a decaying sludge at the bottom of your tank which can produce harmful bacteria.

So who are you going to call:- Gympie Tank Cleaning thats who.

With only minimum loss of water we vacuum sediment from the floor of water tanks.

If the water is smelly or discoloured sterilisation to the AS 3500 standard is available if required.

New filters, fittings and strainer bags for tank inlets can be supplied and fitted if required.

Liners can be supplied and fitted to most tank types.  They are flexible and reliable making a more economical way of fixing a leaking tank.

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